Pioneering Achievements

This page showcases historical engagement in various activities that highlight JAN-Navi’s dynamic presence in both the online and offline Mahjong communities, ranging from real events to significant global tournaments.

IRL Events/Media/Social

JAN-Navi has actively participated in numerous real-world events, leveraging media coverage and social platforms to enhance visibility and engage with the community on multiple fronts.

Offline and Online Collaboration

Highlighting JAN-Navi's initiatives that bridge the gap between physical and digital spaces, facilitating seamless integration and collaborative experiences across both realms.

Our Cute Mascot/Merchandise

JAN-Navi has developed cute characters and merchandise that resonate with the Mahjong community, enhancing brand identity and fan engagement.

Affiliated with Major Tournaments, Including World Championships

JAN-Navi's affiliation with major tournaments, including world championships, underscores its commitment to promoting competitive Mahjong on a global stage.

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