JAN-Navi White Label Expansion

The JAN-Navi platform's white-label expansion broadens its reach by integrating Mahjong games into metaverse platforms and online gaming, while also connecting physical Mahjong parlors to virtual environments.

  • Deployment in the Metaverse JAN-Navi's mahjong games are integrated into multiple metaverse platforms, including GENSOKISHI Online, and function as communication tools. This allows players to enjoy Mahjong matches in virtual spaces within the metaverse, enhancing the spatial experience.

  • Online Game Integration Within popular online gaming platforms, JAN-Navi’s Mahjong games are offered, facilitating greater player movement between games and significantly enhancing the user experience. This enables Mahjong to be played across different gaming boundaries.

  • Online Mahjong Parlor Storefronts By issuing common IDs, players can enjoy matches online with friends from their own parlor. This system replicates the authentic atmosphere of a real mahjong parlor online, providing a favorite gaming environment no matter where players are located.

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