Project Roadmap

This section provides a detailed timeline of JAN-Navi's major milestones and strategic developments aimed at enhancing and expanding the platform's offerings. From the integration of esports in the metaverse to global expansions and new feature implementations, each step is designed to strengthen JAN-Navi's position in the market.

  • 2023

    • August: JAN-Navi esports and Metaverse collaboration (Completed)

    • December 14: Integrated into GensoKishi Online Amusement Park (Completed)

    • December 19: JAN-Navi esports mode (Completed)

    • December 19: Genso's MV Token compatibility (Completed)

    • December 19: JAN-Navi Ticket NFTs (Completed)

    • December 19: Amazon gift cards as e-sports prizes (Completed)

  • 2024

    • January: 25% discount on settlements with MV (Completed)

    • February: Launch of Chinese version (Completed)

    • April: Launch of English version

    • May: Event: JAN-Navi esports rewards JN Token WLs

    • June: Tournaments with celebrities and notable figures

    • July: Various IP collaboration tournaments

    • July: Opening of JN Token staking system

    • October: JN Token TGE

  • Ongoing

    • Participation of notable figures in JAN-Navi esports

    • Global expansion of JAN-Navi esports

  • 2025

    • JN Token multiple listings

    • Utilization of JN Token in other esports

    • Start of TV commercial campaigns

    • Annual Mahjong tournaments worldwide (World Series)

  • 2026

    • Compatibility with Nintendo Switch and Amazon Fire TV Stick

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