Offline Player Data Collection

This section delves into the mechanisms JAN-Navi uses to collect and integrate data from offline player activities. By implementing a Common ID system, JAN-Navi seamlessly connects data across real-world and digital platforms, enhancing the comprehensiveness and accuracy of player profiles.

  • Common ID JAN-Navi will issue a Jan-Navi Common ID to track players at offline venues. This allows us to accurately track player activity, ensuring that data from physical environments is as robust and actionable as that from online interactions.

  • Data Collection Offline game data is sent directly from the Mahjong parlors to the JAN-Navi platform via a common ID. This includes personal IDs, game results, dan rank information, etc., providing a rich source of data for comprehensive analytics.

  • Data Integration Data collected online and offline will be integrated in the JAN-Navi system to build a player profile database. This integration is crucial for maintaining up-to-date ranking points and for delivering a unified view of a player’s performance across all platforms.

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