This chapter explores JAN-Navi's vibrant ecosystem, highlighting its multi-platform support, diverse game modes, dynamic community, and global presence. JAN-Navi's ecosystem is designed to cater to a wide range of player needs, making Mahjong more than just a game and transforming it into a robust tool for communication and interaction.

  1. Multi-Platform Compatibility: JAN-Navi supports a wide array of devices including iPhone, Android, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Amazon Fire TV, ensuring easy access from anywhere and enhancing user experience significantly.

  2. Diverse and Innovative Game Modes: The platform offers various game modes, such as professional matches where players can compete directly with pro Mahjong players, a ranking mode that certifies player levels, and an e-sports mode where players can win prizes. JAN-Navi continuously provides new challenges and entertainment, catering to all skill levels.

  3. Active Community: JAN-Navi transforms Mahjong from a mere game into a tool for fostering communication. With features like diaries, bulletin boards, circles, and mini-mails, it facilitates active interactions among users, enriching the Mahjong experience.

  4. Partnerships and Global Presence: JAN-Navi collaborates with professional Mahjong organizations and has sponsored international tournaments in the past, contributing to the global spread of Mahjong. It also partners with Mahjong parlors across Japan to enhance real-life Mahjong experiences.

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