Creating New Value Through Web3

Explore how JAN-Navi leverages Web3 technologies to transform and enhance the Mahjong gaming experience. This section details the innovative integration of MV Tokens and NFTs within the JAN-Navi platform, along with community engagement strategies in the metaverse, enriching player interactions and broadening the scope of digital and economic possibilities.

MV Token

The MV Token grants access to all game modes within JAN-Navi, enhancing participation with features like tipping and event involvement.

  1. Access All Modes: MV can be exchanged for Jan-Navi points, which can be used in all game modes, including gacha and ranked matches, offering a 25% discount.

  2. Spectate and Tip: MV enables players to spectate games and tip using the token, fostering lively interaction.

  3. Play with Pros: MV allows players to face off against professional Mahjong players daily.

  4. Host Tournaments: Players can use MV to host their own tournaments, with JAN-Navi providing sponsorship.

NFT Tickets

JAN-Navi has evolved its gameplay tickets to support NFT technology, allowing for their trade on marketplaces. These NFT tickets can be used for exclusive events and acquiring unique in-game items, adding a layer of rarity and value to player purchases.

Community Activation

By hosting mahjong events and e-sports festivals within virtual realms like GENSOKISHI ONLINE, JAN-Navi creates dynamic new platforms for interaction. These activities not only engage the existing community but also attract new users, promoting vibrant exchanges across global boundaries.

What is Elemental Knight Online? It is a service that has evolved into the Metaverse by incorporating the blockchain mechanism into an online RPG game. The original "Elemental Knights ONLINE" is a game that originated in Japan, It was awarded as the best-selling mobile game in Taiwan in 2012, and is popular internationally. Source:

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