Market Development by JAN-Navi

The JAN-Navi platform and JAN-Navi DAO are exploring two key areas for market development.

  • Fusion of WEB2 and WEB3 Users Mahjong is predominantly a WEB2 market. By introducing WEB3 technologies into this economy, JAN-Navi expands the market.

    • Jan-Navi WEB2:

      • Registered: 5.7 million

      • Daily Active Users: 15,000

  • Expanding Mahjong e-Sports Mahjong has a player base of 900 million, primarily concentrated in Asia, but the economic ecosystem is underdeveloped. JAN-Navi aims to create a global e-sports platform for casual Mahjong play, spreading the love of the game worldwide.

    • e-Sports Total Population: 532 million

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