Innovative Project Realization

Explore how web3 technology is reshaping the Jan-Navi ecosystem through enhanced security, community-driven e-sports, and global connectivity.

  • Leveraging Web3 Technology

    Blockchain technology not only secures data but also ensures transparency, creating a fair competitive environment. It allows for the seamless integration of physical and digital spaces, injecting new value into the traditional game of Mahjong.

  • Advancing e-sports

    The JN Token introduces a decentralized sponsorship model that empowers players and fans to actively organize and manage e-sports tournaments. This model promotes both professional and grassroots level competitions, furthering the e-sports-ification of Mahjong.

  • Building a Global Mahjong Community

    The fail-proof JAN-Navi platform enables players from around the world to connect both online and offline. This fosters a vibrant space for competition and cultural exchange, allowing Mahjong to transcend geographical and cultural boundaries.

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