Revolutionize Mahjong Using Blockchain

JAN-Navi is pioneering the transformation of Mahjong into a globally recognized e-sport by using Blockchain and Web3 token mechanisms on top of a solid foundation - a platform that has been in service for 19 years. JAN-Navi will leverage the experience, expertise, and user base built since 2014 to expand globally and to redefine the traditional Mahjong game to align with today’s digital era.

Our mission is to utilize the JN Token to facilitate the transition of Mahjong from a classic pastime into a competitive e-sport, enhancing player engagement and opening up new demographic possibilities. This strategy includes leveraging blockchain technology to introduce new revenue models and to create tangible value for all stakeholders in the e-sports ecosystem.

By focusing on the JN Token, JAN-Navi aims to drive forward the e-sports revolution, by making Mahjong not only a popular classic but also more exciting and rewarding for players and spectators alike. This approach promises to foster a vibrant community around digital Mahjong, propelling the game into a new era of entertainment and competition.

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