Decentralization of e-Sports with JN Token

Explore how the JN Token is transforming the landscape of Mahjong e-sports through decentralization. This section delves into four key aspects that highlight the token's impact on the e-sports ecosystem.

  1. Prize Distribution: Tournament winnings and other incentives are distributed directly by decentralized sponsors who are JN Token holders. This efficient distribution method reduces operational costs, ensuring a larger return of prize money to players.

  2. Democratization of Sponsorship: Moving away from the traditional sponsorship models dominated by large corporations, JN Token enables individuals to become sponsors. This shift democratizes the sponsorship process, facilitating more frequent tournaments and creating diverse marketing opportunities.

  3. Autonomous Event Management: Empowering players and community members, JN Tokens allow for the independent planning and management of events. This autonomy supports user-centric tournaments and reduces reliance on major sponsors, fostering a vibrant community-led event culture.

  4. Governance and Voting: Token holders are integral to the governance of the JAN-Navi platform. Through the JAN-Navi DAO, they exercise voting rights on key operational policies and decisions, ensuring a transparent and community-driven approach to platform management.

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