JAN-Navi e-Sports Guidelines

As JAN-Navi expands globally, providing e-sports functionalities that consider international legal regulations is crucial. These guidelines outline our commitment to offering a fair and lawful e-sports environment.

1. Skill-Based Competition

JAN-Navi’s e-sports tournaments emphasize player skill and strategy:

  • Skill-Centered Gameplay: The outcomes of JAN-Navi’s mahjong tournaments depend on player skill and strategy, ensuring that competitions are based on merit rather than chance.

2. Participation Fees and Prize Funding

JAN-Navi follows strict guidelines to clearly separate participation fees from prize funding:

  • Participation Fees: Fees collected from participants are used exclusively for operational costs such as server maintenance and are not added to the prize pool.

  • Sponsor-Provided Prizes: Prizes are provided by sponsors and are not derived from participation fees. This structure ensures that the competitions do not constitute gambling.

  • Fixed Prizes: Prizes are awarded based on ranking with fixed amounts.

  • Pre-Announced Prizes: Prize amounts are announced in advance for events like tournaments or seasons and do not change during the event.

  • Reasonable Prize Amounts: Prize amounts are set within a reasonable range appropriate for e-sports. High-value prizes are not offered.

  • Non-Cash Prizes: Prizes are not awarded in cash. Instead, winners can exchange in-game earned points for prizes.

3. Prize Redemption

Players can redeem their rewards in various forms:

  • Platinum Chips: Players earn Platinum Chips based on their tournament rankings. These chips can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards, JN Tokens, or JAN-Navi tickets. This system ensures that the prizes are a result of effort and skill, not luck.

4. Addressing Regulations

JAN-Navi considers the legal requirements of each country where it operates:

  • Adaptation to Local Laws: JAN-Navi monitors and adapts to the legal requirements of each country to ensure compliance.

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF): We implement strict measures to ensure responsible and lawful use of the platform.

5. Transparency and Accountability

JAN-Navi maintains transparency and accountability in all its operations:

  • Clear Guidelines: We provide clear guidelines and rules to all participants to ensure fair play and adherence to legal standards.

  • Regular Audits: JAN-Navi conducts regular audits to ensure that its operations are transparent and considerate of global regulations.

6. Privacy and Data Handling

JAN-Navi prioritizes the privacy and security of user information:

  • Data Protection: We adhere to international standards for data protection to ensure that user information is handled securely.

  • User Consent: We obtain explicit consent from users for data collection and use, ensuring transparency in our data handling practices.

  • Secure Storage: All personal data is stored securely and is only accessible to authorized personnel. We use advanced encryption methods to protect user data.

By following these guidelines, JAN-Navi ensures a fair, lawful, and enjoyable e-sports environment for players worldwide, demonstrating our commitment to providing a safe and competitive platform.

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