JN Token Pricing Strategy

Explore how JN Token stabilizes and enhances its market value, reflecting the depth of its ecosystem.

  • Vesting Lock To secure long-term value retention, 80% of the total JN Token issuance, which is 1.6 billion tokens, is locked in a vesting contract.

  • Utility Diversity JN Token supports a broad range of utilities such as revenue sharing, e-sports prize payments, and participation in the Jan-Navi DAO. This variety ensures continuous demand for the token.

  • Community-Driven Growth The growth of JN Token is propelled by the activities of the JAN-Navi DAO, enhancing the token's potential for long-term value appreciation.

  • Liquidity Maintenance JN Token maintains liquidity through engagement opportunities like staking and event participation, ensuring that token holders can easily trade and utilize their tokens.

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