JAN-Navi e-Sports

Explore the realm of JAN-Navi e-Sports, where the classic game of Mahjong is transformed into a competitive and engaging e-sports mode. This section highlights the integration of e-sports within the JAN-Navi platform, enhancing the gaming experience with structured competitive play and substantial rewards.

Entry into JAN-Navi e-Sports

Players can initiate a match using either 500 points' worth of chips or a JAN-Navi ticket, allowing for versatile and broad participation.

Earning Platinum Chips Based on Ranking

In this competitive mode, players earn platinum chips based on their ranking, incentivizing both skill development and strategic gameplay. This system not only fuels competitive spirit but also enriches the e-sports experience.

Exchange of Platinum Chips

Earned platinum chips can be exchanged for valuable rewards, including Amazon gift cards, JN Tokens, or JAN-Navi tickets. This feature enhances the tangible benefits of participating in JAN-Navi e-sports, rewarding players for their prowess and dedication.

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