Data Decentralization and Security

The JAN-Navi platform focuses on decentralizing data to enhance security and transparency, with a future aim towards DePIN integration.

  • Constancy and Transparency Blockchain enables the decentralization of digital leisure and the recording of transactions; with JAN-Navi's DePIN, match data collected from Mahjong halls around the world is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring data immutability and transparency. This ensures that each player's match history and results are managed fairly and accurately.

  • Data Ownership Unlike traditional centralized systems, players will be able to own and control their own data. Data is encrypted and stored on the blockchain, ensuring privacy and allowing players to audit their own data at any time.

  • Prevention of Fraud Blockchain provides a decentralized, trustworthy system. It prevents score manipulation and cheating because data is not centrally managed and tampering is technically impossible. This ensures fair gameplay and a healthy competitive environment.

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