Business Model

Revenue Models Enabled by Big Data

The Mahjong Big Data Project establishes a comprehensive framework for revenue generation through advanced data analytics. By utilizing detailed player data, the project tailors personalized gameplay experiences, enhancing user retention and attracting new players, thereby positively impacting revenue.

Monetization Strategies

  • Data-Driven Marketing: Harness player data to design marketing campaigns that are more effective and targeted, enhancing conversion rates and reducing player acquisition costs.

  • Personalized Promotions: Create promotions and offers tailored to player behavior and preferences, significantly increasing engagement and spending within the platform.

  • Partnership Opportunities: Collaborate with gaming and non-gaming entities to utilize big data insights for cross-promotional activities, thereby broadening the reach and influence of the Mahjong platform.

Sustainable Revenue Growth

Integrating big data enables continuous refinement of business strategies to align with market demands and player expectations, ensuring the long-term sustainability and growth of the Mahjong platform. This proactive approach to business modeling places JAN-Navi at the vanguard of innovation within the gaming industry.

Expansion into Global Markets

DePIN facilitates JAN-Navi's entry into new markets by bridging the gap between online and offline environments. The strategy includes plans for expansion into Asian countries and North America, where Mahjong enjoys substantial popularity. This global outreach is poised to significantly enhance JAN-Navi's market presence and user base.

This comprehensive business model leverages the capabilities of big data to optimize revenue generation and expand market reach, ensuring the Mahjong Big Data DePIN Project's prominence and sustainability in the competitive gaming landscape.

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