Online Player Data Collection

This section outlines how JAN-Navi effectively collects and leverages online player data, crucial for enhancing gameplay across its platform. As JAN-Navi expands to other games through its white-label offerings, this same data collection framework will apply, ensuring consistent quality and engagement across multiple gaming environments.

  • Personal ID JAN-Navi assigns a unique ID to each player, allowing the platform to identify users and track their activities across the platform.

  • Individual Performance The platform collects comprehensive performance metrics for each player, such as win rate, average score, ranking points, which are then utilized for analysis.

  • Match Results Detailed records of each game are collected. This includes the scores of wins and losses between players, significant tile movements, and the development of game situations.

  • Tile Records Detailed information on the tiles used in each game is recorded, providing strategic insights.

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