JN Token Utility

Explore how JN Tokens power a range of functionalities within the JAN-Navi ecosystem, fostering a dynamic and engaged global Mahjong community.

  • Revenue Sharing: By staking JN Tokens, holders can receive a distribution of profits from JAN-Navi's revenue, providing long-term value back to token holders.

  • eSports Prize Payments: JN Tokens are used for the payment of prizes in eSports tournaments, creating a reward system that is fair and transparent.

  • Tipping Function: During live events and eSports viewings, JN Tokens can be used to tip players and events, enhancing engagement and creating opportunities for revenue generation.

  • Advertising on JAN-Navi: Major advertisers can use JN Tokens to purchase advertising space within the JAN-Navi platform, reaching the targeted Mahjong community effectively.

  • JAN-Navi DAO Activities: JN Tokens are extensively used for the globalization activities of Mahjong led by the JAN-Navi DAO. Through rights-based activities on the blockchain, Mahjong is promoted as an eSports.

  • Proof of Prizes: The JN Token can be used to verify that prizes won in tournaments have been appropriately paid by sponsors, ensuring a transparent reward system.

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