Global Matchmaking

This section explores the global matchmaking capabilities enhanced by the Mahjong Big Data Project, focusing on cross-border competition and skill-based matching to enrich the global Mahjong community experience.

  • Cross-border Matchmaking Leveraging DePIN technology, Mahjong players worldwide can now compete online without geographic constraints. This enables encounters with new opponents across different languages and cultures, broadening the scope of competition.

  • Skill-based Matching An AI algorithm recommends opponents based on players' skill levels and playing styles, ensuring fair and intense matches. This fosters a community where both beginners and advanced players can thrive.

  • Globally Customized Experience Future enhancements will allow players to select game rules and modes that suit their needs, providing a richer Mahjong experience. This feature will also accommodate diverse local rules rooted in regional cultures, adding variety to the gameplay.

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