Technical Information

This section delves into the core technical details of the JN Token, integral for its functionality on the blockchain.

  1. Standards JN Token is built on the Polygon blockchain and adheres to the ERC-20 protocol, facilitating fast transactions, low costs, and high scalability.

  2. Total Supply The total supply of JN Tokens is 2 billion, with 80%, or 1.6 billion tokens, secured in a vesting contract.

  3. Symbol The token name is "JAN-Navi," and the symbol is "JN," representing crucial aspects of the brand's digital identity.

  4. Contract Address The smart contract address for JN Token on the Polygon network is 0x9a40d326e1947d55EfD2669073fAC1516F7993CD. This is the official point of reference for all token transactions and holdings.

JN (PoS) Contract Address 0x9a40d326e1947d55EfD2669073fAC1516F7993CD Polygonscan

JN (ETH) Contract Address 0xd5aCd9226fCaa71B0e94eAc53bA29FB831389E92 Etherscan

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