Project Overview

The JAN-Navi platform continues to evolve and expand, enhancing both the traditional and digital Mahjong experience across the globe. This section outlines the key components of JAN-Navi's strategic development: the JAN-Navi Platform, JN Token, and DePIN Mahjong Big Data.

  • JAN-Navi Platform JAN-Navi, known for its solid operational track record, acts as a gateway to the global Mahjong community. The platform is expanding its reach by establishing online storefronts for physical Mahjong parlors and extending its influence globally. In addition to these expansions, JAN-Navi is also offered as a white-label solution, allowing it to be integrated into various games, enhancing its capabilities as a matching platform and communication tool.

  • JN Token The JN Token plays a crucial role in the development of Mahjong e-sports and the reinforcement of the JAN-Navi ecosystem. It provides token holders with decentralized sponsorship opportunities for e-sports events, along with other utilities including game revenue sharing, participation in the Jan-Navi DAO, and tipping features. These utilities enhance engagement within the platform and promote active user involvement.

  • DePIN Mahjong Big Data The DePIN initiative integrates online and offline Mahjong player data on the blockchain to create a true global Mahjong community. By merging online behaviors with offline match data, it facilitates the development of new marketing strategies and revenue models.

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